Latest photo projects

Art is how the heart sees images how we become imersed in the feel of an image and the emotion it stirs

Within these webpages you wil experince I hope a diferent way of interpreting photo manipulation

All images are availbe to view in sample format and can be sized accordingly to your requirements. Comminsions undertaken


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Experience my photo art



Synaptic Stems


Synaptic Stems is a series of images using light to distort the image to create a flowing nerve like image. 20 images make up the set with the original image coming from the plants and trees around me


What is Imology?

Imology is a word I coined to describe the type of work I undertake. Creating images from the photgraphs I take and using light and colour to change the image and perspective of an object to give it a new shape and feel.

Three recent car images 2 hot rods and my old PT Cruiser rag top